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09 November 2010 @ 04:10 pm
I should explain~

Well, my third period class [last class of my day, seeing as we went to Block Schedule last year, so that means 4 classes everyday, and hour and a half each =A= and you only have a class for a semester!  IT SUCKS FOR US AP KIDS, DAMMIT.  ART, ENGLISH, AND GOV'T SHOULD NOT BE CONDENSED INTO A SINGLE SEMESTER SLFJDSLJLDSAKJ;] is Biology II, and thiiiis week... we're dissecting >:D 
I should also explain this. 
I've never really dissected anything before this year.  At all.  The closest I've ever come to it was some earthworm project in 6th grade- THAT WAS 6 YEARS AGO.  
We dissected a sheep's heart last week!  It was cool.  But it was just the heart.  This week... we're dissecting pigs.  Last year, the pigs were tiny little fetal pigs, as I understand it.  This year they are HUGE PIGLETS.  Except for one, but there's always a runt amiright?  
We named ours Wilma c: C-cause, she's a girl, and Wilma is close to Wilbur!
IT'S SO COOOOOOOL~  We make the incision in a Y-shape around the neck, and then continue down and around the umbilical, and then down to it's legs.  Then we cracked open the ribs [I got to actually remove both sets- it was kind of a bitch getting the scalpel to cut through the bone, since I was totally doing it wrong, lol], took out the trachea & attached heart/lung set, separated them all and weighed them, removed the organ block, accidentally tore her teeny tiny little stomach open, tried to clean off all the nasty, failed, and we're finishing up tomorrow.
The heart is so TIIIIIIIIIIIINY~  Once it was separated you could see it's little aorta and pulmonary, and it was about 1/8 the size of the fully grown sheep heart c: I don't know why I found it cute, but it was miniature and I'm female.  And twisted apparently.
But the entire point of the lab is to figure out the cause of death, it's like a 3-Little-Pigs!CSI or something.  OURS was shot.  You can see the bullet-holes through the ribs, and it nicked the bottom of the lungs, and BYPASSED EVERY OTHER ORGAN, LOL.  But there's also a head wound of some kind, because there's a blood stain on the cheek, and the nostrils are completely filled with coagulated blood.  So we're going to cut her head open tomorrow and see what we can see ;D

So, yeah.  This is way cooler than it probably should be to me.  
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