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14 December 2010 @ 10:36 pm
Well shit.  
This morning sucked balls.
A lot of balls.
I'll give you a list, shall I?

Woke up half an hour late.  Didn't have time to care about what I wore at all, so ended up picking an undershirt 2 times too small, and an overshirt 2 times too big. 
Had to skimp on breakfast, walking out the door with a peanut butter granola bar.
Dropped my iPod touch.  And cracked the screen.  Horribly.  I've had the thing less than a year, and already I'm afraid to touch it because the screen is in such bad shape.
It looks a little like this, just imagine the crack on the opposite side, and basically you've got my problem.

Ignore the right half of the pic plzkthx, this was the best google could provide me with.

Got to school late, as expected, upset at the $200 worth of broken tech, only to remember "Oshit, portfolio due tomorrow, gotta get my groove on asap" and proceeded to bury my emotions underneath my art :D Oh coping mechanisms.  
1st block: AP Art; worked on a portrait of my great uncle in his WWII uniform
2nd block: AP Gov't; very dull, teacher's not taking roll this week, played ERS, Rummi, watched others play Speed and BS
Lunch; ahhh peanut butter & graham crackers, how I love thee
3rd block: Bio II; watched the animated Grinch movie, discovered I am exempt from his exam [meaning I don't have to go to school tomorrow other than to turn in my portfolio for this 9 weeks :D woooo~], watched Drop Dead Gorgeous, watched friends play Stratego, watched lizard attack said friends while playing Stratego, proceeded to laugh ass off.
4th block: work release; went back to art room, painted, left
Discovered the glass is replaceable for what may be less than $20, if I am willing to go through the tedious effort of trying to save dear Tobias [...yes, his name is Tobias].  

All in all, not a terrible day, but cracking my iPod sucked balls, and it happened first thing in the morning.  Not the best way to leave for school, lemme tell ya.

So!  I don't know what to do:  I'd like to have my iPod back, oh I really would, but I've been thinking about getting the new iTouch 4 anyways.  I mean, mine's only an old 2nd gen 8 gig, and I'm completely out of space.  So, should I save up and shell out the $299 for an iTouch 4 32 Gig, or try and save the one I have now?  I'm leaning to just waiting, but I really don't know.  Maybe I could sell it for the parts; it still works, just with a horribly mutilated screen.
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