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10 May 2012 @ 03:17 am
Yeah okay I have no idea  
I really don't know why I feel the need to keep my lj updated at all anymore, but I do, even though the last post was like a year ago >>
Updates? Umm, graduated high school, college is an adjustment and I hope I don't fail next semester... again... we'll see. Getting my first apartment in August with my friend, pretty excited since we have some free furniture lined up (: oh also ALL THE SUPERNATURAL CREYS. Also Sherlock. Also Ponies. Also forever unemployed [sigh].
I always think that I'll magically start updating this blog again, but idk I mostly just use my account for reading fic these days... but like I said in that last one, if I ever consider writing any I'll definitely have to post it here, ha. Not abandoned so much as obsolete? Whichever is less depressing. 
Sometimes it's nice, though, to write a text post and send it off to the magical land of internet, and know that there is no way that anyone I know will read it [unlike tumblr, haha, I have 4 irl friends and we mutually follow each other lol].
But yeah, I can't imagine I'd use lj for art anymore, other than simply putting it on more than one platform? It's not like anyone reads this blog anyways. Meh. I don't know it's 3:16 in the morning I'm not exactly a pro at making any sense at this hour.
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